Monday, 1 September 2014

Colorado: Denver Beer Company

Throughout our ten days in Colorado, through trying lots of different beers, exploring the city of Denver and meeting friendly Denverites, I was told to go to Denver Beer Co. and try the "s'mores beer" -- aka Graham Cracker Porter, more times than I could remember to count.

Hops vines run over the patio.
We actually didn't make it out until the last day - it was the last place we went before catching our flight home on Sunday evening. But I'm so glad we did! This place had such a cool Sunday afternoonv ibe, with live jazz playing the corner, long picnic tables lining the patio, big sliding garage doors letting the breeze into the tasting room, and a big selection of board games to play. :)

And the Graham Cracker Porter... yes! It was everything it was built up to be! Just sweet enough and the perfect way to wrap up a great trip.


PS Click here to read all posts about our trip to Colorado.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Mirella Amato Beerology book signing at 5 Paddles Brewing this Thursday

Heads up, Durham beer fans:

Mirella Amato, Canada's first Master Cicerone, is coming to our neck of the 'burbs this Thursday, Aug. 28, from 5 to 7 p.m., to talk beer and sign copies of her book, Beerology. Buying your ticket in advance will also get you a bottle of 5 Paddles Rum-Oak-Soaked Belgian Midnight Paddler (the event takes place at 5 Paddles Brewing Co.).

Pretty damn cool event for a place that was a craft beer wasteland a year and a half ago. Look how far we've come! Let's show Mirella what we're made of.

See you Thursday.


Friday, 22 August 2014

Cheers to the weekend! Vol. 16


(sidenote: I forgot to publish this this morning, and got called out on it. people do read these stupid things! also, due to an unfortunate phone incident, I don't have a good cheers-y picture from this week to put here. so here's a gif of a drunk cat instead!:)

This weekend is our annual Girls Weekend, which is just as woo-girl as you'd expect. Here's your weekly roundup of Internet timewasters (I'm so behind in actual-content posts. I know. I've been a busy lady. I'll get on it!):

Found my website from 1997 (surprisingly not even my first website, oh yeah, I've been a nerd for a loooooong time). It's hilarious, but at least I stayed true to myself: "I like music and when I grow up I would like to be a writer."

These pistachio pop tarts look amazing.

So does this French Press Stout.

Watch my ALS #IceBucketChallenge here! And my friend Jay's post on Buzzfeed about the challenge (and the most impressive video yet).

The Strumbellas are playing The Moustache Club on Sept. 11 and tickets are only $10?!

Art out of everyday objects.

As a testament to my Freaks & Geeks obsession, I ordered this shirt.

Heading to San Francisco in two weeks for vacation... any recommendations?



Friday, 15 August 2014

Cheers to the weekend! Vol. 15


Do you have your tickets yet for Durham Craft Beer Festival - The Sequel? Sept. 20 in downtown Oshawa!
It's hard to believe there are so few summer weekends left! What's going on this weekend? Tonight I have a dinner date with the lovely Chloe Rose, and depending how the weather holds up this weekend, I'm hoping to take a day trip to Cobourg beach (to practice for the Ultimate Frisbee team I just signed up for, and check out the brand-new Northumberland Hills Brewery).

Hope you have a lovely summery weekend, here's your roundup of things I found on the Internet this week:

I got snapd at Station Gallery's Wave Music last month.

This is so satisfying to read: Things fitting perfectly into other things. Do you think one day the world will run out of ridiculously specific Tumblr concepts?

These spicy hop pickles sound amazing.

Everything on this list, especially: A stick figure's adventures in Paris, grilling fish on pineapple bark and this B&B in Texas.

25 Canadian one-hit wonders (including gems such as Steal My Sunshine!).

This new bike lane in Copenhagen is so cool.

Love all these examples of street art interacting with nature.

Love these patterned floors.

Ottawa friends: This Earl Grey Marmalade Saison from the brand-new Dominion City Brewing Company sounds fantastic.

Voting for the 2014 Golden Tap Awards is open.



Friday, 8 August 2014

Cheers to the weekend! Vol. 14


I'll be here.
This weekend, I'm heading to a friend's cottage in Tiny, Ont., which, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful hidden gems of our great province (the above photo is from a weekend there last year). Then, on Sunday, I'm heading home early to get to Buffalo, NY in the early afternoon, to see Brand New and Weezer!!! 16-year-old me is fan-girl-freaking out right now! (OK, 27-year-old me is, too).

Here are some things I found on the Internet this week:


A Tumblr dedicated to missing letters on signage.

New Hey Rosetta! single.

This beery pizza dough recipe sounds delightful.

This is a really cool art project. So is this, a little closer to home. And this here in Oshawa next month.

Did you hear that an all-bacon restaurant opened in Toronto?

16 unfortunate misuses of punctuation.


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Colorado: White-water rafting through the Rockies

While vacationing in Denver, we went on a white-water rafting adventure through the Rockies. 

James and Cory are in the front, in the middle was a sweet vacationing father and daughter from Nashville, and I'm in the back.
We booked our tour through Geo Tours in Morrison, Colorado. Although you arrive at Geo Tours in Morrison, you then load into a van with your guides, and after a scenic 25-minute drive, they drop you on Clear Creek for your adventure.

According to our guide, Clear Creek is entirely fed by melting snow from the tops of the Rockies--no other water source. What I am saying is: THIS WATER IS COLD. It may have been a 90-degree day in Denver, but the below-40-degree water sure still takes your breath away when your body is submerged in it! 

You have the option to rent a wetsuit (we didn't), and you are provided with a splash jacket, helmet and lifejacket. If your noggin is too big for the regular helmets like Jamesey's was, you get a sweet old-school JOFA!:

The guide told James he rocked it better than Gretzky, to which I corrected him that Jagr was the player who rocked a Jofa. He was impressed with my hockey knowledge, so I told him I was Canadian. He said: "well that makes sense."

We loaded into the creek at the same time as many other tour groups, but we didn't bump into (or even really see) any others once we got going.

We had driven through the mountains the day before, so winding around the bases of them was a really cool perspective. 

While some of the trip was easy floating down the river, once we hit the rapids, things got much more intense (and cold, and hilarious).

Basically you are mostly underwater as you paddle through the rapids. We hit one so hard that it launched our tour guide (on the back, steering and guiding us on how to paddle) face down into the middle of our boat (mostly on top of me, haha). Good laughs save for my broken sunglasses!

We got quite soaked and more than a few mouthfuls of water. Pure, rocky-mountain-fresh Coors Light ;)

Speaking of our tour guide, he was awesome. Through our hour-long tour, he talked geography, explained the geology, pointed out mountains and landmarks, and made cheesy (but in a fun way!) jokes. After the tour, in chatting with him and some of the other guides on the bus ride home, I discovered that not one of them was from Colorado--they all were drawn there, to work in the beautiful mountains. Actually, many people I met throughout the week were not from Denver, but "came for the mountains." I imagine it is similar to how folks move to California for the beaches/surfing, or Montreal for the smoked meat (kidding, kind of).

We chose the "beginner" tour level because we weren't really sure what to expect. If I did it again, or was recommending it to a friend, I would go up to the intermediate level. Although the rapids were fun and thrilling, with the intermediate level, the tour is a little longer and the rapids are a little more challenging. Our tour guide noted because we were all athletic and adventurous, we could have gone straight to the intermediate.

James in his "special" helmet



P.S. Click here to read all posts from my trip to Colorado.
P.P.S I obviously didn't take most of these pictures. The tour company offered a CD for purchase, as they had a photographer follow your raft and stand on bridges to take pictures. I have full rights to use these photos with my purchase, which I am so glad I made.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Cheers to the long weekend!


[ from Toronto's Festival of Beer last weekend; full post to come ]

This long weekend, we don't have anything planned, and I can't wait. It's been a super busy summer, which is just the way I like it, but it will be nice to cook, relax, catch up on emails, float in the pool, dig in the garden, and generally enjoy the peak of summer in our backyard.

Have a great long weekend! Here are your weekly Internet time-wasters:

What I want from a restaurant website/what I get instead. SO TRUE.

Have you heard about the robot hitchhiking across Canada?

DMX riding a roller coaster.

Oshawa's first brewery, Underdog's Brewhouse, profiled on Sounds Like Beer.

Iced Cobblestone Stout actually sounds delicious.

The most hilarious Twitter account.

Did you hear? The Durham Craft Beer festival announced a September date!

Cheers to the weekend,



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